Commit d1c06d32 authored by Adrien Dorsaz's avatar Adrien Dorsaz

Plugin epub - Ajout de la traduction anglaise

parent bb2ef78a
"P_EPUB_BYLEED":"By your Leed rss reader",
"P_EPUB_DOWNLOAD_FAVORITES":"Download favorites articles:",
"P_EPUB_DOWNLOAD_TITLE":"Download EPUB books",
"P_EPUB_DOWNLOAD_UNREAD":"Download unread articles:",
"P_EPUB_FAVOITE_ARTICLES":"Favorite Leed articles",
"P_EPUB_MANAGE_TITLE":"Epub plugin",
"P_EPUB_NOARTICLES_WARNING":"No available articles to create EPUB",
"P_EPUB_NOIMAGES":"Without images",
"P_EPUB_NOTLOGGED_ERROR_DOWNLOAD":"You have to be connected to download EPUB books.",
"P_EPUB_NOTLOGGED_ERROR_MODIFY_SETTINGS":"You have to be connected to modify epub plugin settings",
"P_EPUB_SETTINGS":"Plugin settings",
"P_EPUB_SET_FAVORITE_LINK":"Display favorite article links",
"P_EPUB_SET_HOME_MENU":"Display EPUB links on homescreen",
"P_EPUB_SET_UNREAD_LINK":"Display unread article links",
"P_EPUB_SET_VERSION":"EPUB version of created files:",
"P_EPUB_TEXTONLY":"Text only",
"P_EPUB_UNKNOWN_ACTION_ERROR":"Unknown action for epub plugin:",
"P_EPUB_UNREAD_ARTICLES":"Unread Leed articles"
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