Commit fa5bca3f authored by Olivier's avatar Olivier

Create openanon.plugin.disabled.php

parent 4b949f51
@name Open Anon
@author Olivier <>
@licence CC by nc sa
@version 1.0.0
@description Used to open a link in anonymous way
@note Usage of JS Lib NoReferef (
function openanon_plugin_button(&$event){
$requete = 'SELECT link FROM '.MYSQL_PREFIX.'event WHERE id = '.$event->getId();
$query = mysql_query($requete);
$result = mysql_fetch_row($query);
$link = $result[0];
echo '<a title="'._t('P_OPENANON_TITLE').'" target="_blank" href="'.$link.'" rel="noreferrer">'._t('P_OPENANON_LINKNAME').'</a>';
Plugin::addHook("event_post_top_options", "openanon_plugin_button");
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