Commit 287f2858 authored by Adrien Dorsaz's avatar Adrien Dorsaz

Fix the bug of 0-value for all probabilities of each class.

parent 7044bd10
......@@ -31,12 +31,11 @@ QString NaiveBayesClassifier::classify(QMap<double, double> *featureSet){
foreach(QString klass, _trainedClasses->keys()){
classProbability->insert(klass, 0);
QMapIterator<double, double> featureIt(*featureSet);
while (featureIt.hasNext()) {;
foreach(QString klass, _trainedClasses->keys()){
int prob = probability(featureIt.key(), klass);
double prob = probability(featureIt.key(), klass);
......@@ -65,7 +64,7 @@ QString NaiveBayesClassifier::classify(QMap<double, double> *featureSet){
double NaiveBayesClassifier::probability(double feature, QString klass){
int prob = 0;
double prob = 0;
if(_trainedClasses->value(klass)->contains(feature) && _totalFeatureOccurrences->contains(feature)){
double num = _trainedClasses->value(klass)->value(feature)+1.0;
double den = _totalFeatureOccurrences->value(feature)+_trainedClasses->size();
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