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<h1>Welcome to the acme-dns-tiny project</h1>
acme-dns-tiny is a tiny script allowing to request certificates to a
certificate authority server servicing an "Automatic Certificate
Management Environment" (ACME) following the protocol standardized
in the <a href="i">ACME RFC</a>.
The main goal of acme-dns-tiny is NOT to rewrite the cert-bot client but
to give administrators a minimal tiny script easy to integrate in their
environment. So you won't find all challenges defined in the RFC, but
only the dns-01 challenge available.
acme-dns-tiny is a fork of the <a href="">acme-tiny</a>
project, but it has slightly diverged to remove http-01 chalenge support,
to be dependent only on Python 3 and to use a configuration INI file instead
of plenty arguments.
<h2>Status of acme-dns-tiny</h2>
<a href="">
<img src="" alt="master build status" /></a>
<a href="/coverage">
<img src="" alt="master coverage status" /></a>
As the ACME RFC is still under development (its current status is « draft »),
the acme-dns-tiny status is also currently in development.
Although we have some stable releases that you can use on your server
(as the current one 😉).
Please see our Gitlab page to find the latest
<a href="">release</a>.
To run acme-dns-tiny, you'll need at least:
<li>Python 3 installed</li>
<li>dnspython module available in Python 3 environment.
<br>You can either use its Python 3 specific version or
the unified version
<br>For the unified version, the 1.15 release is
required as there as a bug in the unification process before</li>
<li>a DNS server allowing dynamic updates through TSIG key
<h2>Code and documentation</h2>
This project is under the MIT license as its parent acme-tiny, you'll find all code and documentation on its Gitlab site: <a href=""></a>.
<br> A mirror of the code is also available on Github : <a href=""></a>
You'll find the acme-dns-tiny community XMPP news there: <a href="xmpp.pubsub://">xmpp.pubsub://</a>.
To read news from this pubsub, you can use one instance of the Movim services (they include RSS feeds too) as the <a href=""> Movim pod</a>.
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