Commit 1d326e9b authored by Adrien Dorsaz's avatar Adrien Dorsaz
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csr: support SAN extension marked as "critical"


Closes #9
parent e84912fd
......@@ -90,8 +90,9 @@ def get_crt(config, log=LOGGER):
common_name ="Subject:.*?\s+?CN\s*?=\s*?([^\s,;/]+)", csr)
if common_name is not None:
subject_alt_names ="X509v3 Subject Alternative Name: \r?\n +([^\r\n]+)\r?\n", csr,
subject_alt_names =
r"X509v3 Subject Alternative Name: (?:critical)?\r?\n +([^\r\n]+)\r?\n",
csr, re.MULTILINE)
if subject_alt_names is not None:
for san in", "):
if san.startswith("DNS:"):
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