Commit afb7e988 authored by Adrien Dorsaz's avatar Adrien Dorsaz
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correctly retrieve information for already registered accounts

The POST-as-GET method described by the RFC requires to set empty
string as payload and not empty object.
parent 84338d52
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ def get_crt(config, log=LOGGER):
private_acme_signature["kid"] = http_response.headers['Location']
log.debug(" - Account is already registered: '%s'", private_acme_signature["kid"])
http_response, account_info = _send_signed_request(private_acme_signature["kid"], {})
http_response, account_info = _send_signed_request(private_acme_signature["kid"], "")
raise ValueError("Error registering account: {0} {1}"
.format(http_response.status_code, account_info))
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