Commit c664b31e authored by Adrien Dorsaz's avatar Adrien Dorsaz

acme-dns-tiny: add verbose option and show in standard output Account URL

parent ebb348c2
......@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ from urllib.error import HTTPError
LOGGER = logging.getLogger('acme_dns_tiny')
def get_crt(config, log=LOGGER):
# helper function base64 encode as defined in acme spec
......@@ -130,7 +129,7 @@ def get_crt(config, log=LOGGER):
account_info = {}
if code == 201:
jws_header["kid"] = dict(headers).get("Location")
log.debug(" - Registered a new account: '{0}'".format(jws_header["kid"]))" - Registered a new account: '{0}'".format(jws_header["kid"]))
account_info = json.loads(result.decode("utf8"))
elif code == 200:
jws_header["kid"] = dict(headers).get("Location")
......@@ -276,7 +275,8 @@ Example: requests certificate chain and store it in chain.crt
See example.ini file to configure correctly this script."""
parser.add_argument("--quiet", action="store_const", const=logging.ERROR, help="suppress output except for errors")
parser.add_argument("--quiet", action="store_const", const=logging.ERROR, help="show only errors on stderr")
parser.add_argument("--verbose", action="store_const", const=logging.DEBUG, help="show all debug informations on stderr")
parser.add_argument("--csr", help="specifies CSR file path to use instead of the CSRFile option from the configuration file.")
parser.add_argument("configfile", help="path to your configuration file")
args = parser.parse_args(argv)
......@@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ See example.ini file to configure correctly this script."""
or set(["zone", "host", "port", "ttl"]) - set(config.options("DNS"))):
raise ValueError("Some required settings are missing.")
LOGGER.setLevel(args.quiet or LOGGER.level)
LOGGER.setLevel(args.verbose or args.quiet or logging.INFO)
signed_crt = get_crt(config, log=LOGGER)
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