1. 24 Aug, 2016 11 commits
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      gitlab-ci: configure Gitlab CI to run tests · 2097c5bf
      Adrien Dorsaz authored
      The gitlab project is configured to scan the build logs
      to find the code coverage percent with a regular expression.
      See the projects' wiki to have more information to configure
      Gitlab CI.
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      tests: update requirements · 9947b16a
      Adrien Dorsaz authored
      This project use gitlab-ci and don't need any more coveralls.
      With DNS verification we don't need a FUSE server and we need
      dnspython3 package.
      The dnspython has merged code for python2 and python3, but the
      current release has an error with TSIG key management (due to the
      code merge). So we are now stuck with the dnspython3 package.
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      tests: update test_module for DNS verficiations and clean some tests · 1041aa5f
      Adrien Dorsaz authored
      openssl tests:
      we don't manage the OpenSSL code, so these tests are useless.
      exsitence domain tests:
      commented as dynamic DNS updates can create new domains.
      configuration tests:
      configuration management has a lot changed, so we'll have to
      make new tests.
      Remove the code managing FUSE and use configuration files instead.
      Finally, ask ACME server to delete account key as it is only temporary files
      and we don't save them.
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      tests: remove server script · 0a0ef72d
      Adrien Dorsaz authored
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      tests: update monkey to DNS verficiations · b6a0cc73
      Adrien Dorsaz authored
      We don't need any more a FUSE server, but we need more
      environment variable defined to run tests.
      Monkey use these variables to create temporary configuration
      files from an example configuration.
      The SAN test tries to validate multiple SAN to check the loop code.
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