Commit d8669551 authored by Daniel Roesler's avatar Daniel Roesler

added initial test structure

parent c3493dcb
language: python
- "2.6"
- "2.7"
- "3.2"
- "3.3"
- "3.4"
- "3.5"
- "nightly"
script: python -m unittest discover
# acme-tiny
[![Build Status](](
This is a tiny, auditable script that you can throw on your server to issue
and renew [Let's Encrypt]( certificates. Since it has
to be run on your server and have access to your private Let's Encrypt account
import unittest
import acme_tiny
class TestModule(unittest.TestCase):
"Tests for acme_tiny.get_crt()"
def setUp(self):
self.CA = ""
def test_ca(self):
self.assertEqual(self.CA, "")
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