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tmux config (color for vim and move pane like vim)

parent dc884dca
source /usr/share/powerline/bindings/tmux/powerline.conf
# Lowers the delay time between the prefix key and other keys - fixes pausing in vim
set -sg escape-time 1
# copy mode like vim
set-window-option -g mode-keys vi
# Start window indexing from 1 instead of 0
set -g base-index 1
# Give color info to vim
set -g default-terminal "xterm-256color"
### Key bindings
# vim movement
bind h select-pane -L
bind j select-pane -D
bind k select-pane -U
bind l select-pane -R
# vim panel resize
bind-key J resize-pane -D 5
bind-key K resize-pane -U 5
bind-key H resize-pane -L 5
bind-key L resize-pane -R 5
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