Commit 218f6f4d authored by Tobias Reischmann's avatar Tobias Reischmann

Removed check if lastValidRangeStart is not set

aRangeStart is undefined in this context, so it causes an error.
getOnlyFreeBusyInformation checks for valid input values anyways!
parent 1c39d16d
......@@ -3092,7 +3092,6 @@ calExchangeCalendar.prototype = {
//var self = this;
if (this.OnlyShowAvailability) {
if (!this.lastValidRangeStart) this.lastValidRangeStart = aRangeStart.clone();
this.getOnlyFreeBusyInformation(this.lastValidRangeStart, this.lastValidRangeEnd);
else {
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