Commit bfd1e63a authored by Tobias Reischmann's avatar Tobias Reischmann

Fix setting the id of a event

The base setter for the id field does not allow any changes!!
This way every event is cached with the id undefined
parent de69323b
......@@ -7511,7 +7511,7 @@ calExchangeCalendar.prototype = {
var startDateStr = xml2json.getTagValue(aCalendarEvent, "t:StartTime", "");
var endDateStr = xml2json.getTagValue(aCalendarEvent, "t:EndTime", ""); = this.md5(startDateStr + endDateStr);
item.clearId(this.md5(startDateStr + endDateStr));
if (this.itemCacheById[]) {
//dump("\n-- we already know this one --:"+xml2json.toString(aCalendarEvent)+"\n");
//item = null;
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