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Title: FreshRSS 1.2.0 is the new stable
Date: 2015-11-04
After nearly 9 months, we are proud to announce **a new stable version for FreshRSS**. This 1.2.0 brings a more powerful interface for administrators, some cool features (such as [support for PubSubHubbub]({filename}/ and fix a lot of annoying bugs. The complete list of changes is in [our changelog](
Note that FreshRSS is now supported in **6 languages** (Czech, Dutch, English, French, German and Italian): it's always amazing to see people all around the world helping us to translate this software. **A big thanks to our translators!**
We hope you will enjoy these new versions (1.3.0-beta is released at the same time but there are both identical).
[*Marien speaking*] Also, it's time to announce my “retirement” from the project. I started this project 3 years ago as a personal RSS aggregator software but realized soon after there was potential to reach more people than just me. Today, I'm quite proud to have reached this level of quality but I don't find my own satisfaction to work on FreshRSS anymore since I consider the product is nearly finished. Also, I have a lot of other projects in my mind that I want to start.
Leaving the project doesn't mean its dead but maybe a new start. I worked during this last year **to give all the keys to the community** to be able to maintain the project alive [and I'm still working on]( but it's nearly finished. One of my latest tasks will be to write a post to explain how I see potential improvements and restarting the project from scratch is one of them (if you are motivated :D).
I'll continue to keep an eye on FreshRSS and there are still Alexandre and Alexis from time to time on GitHub or on the mailing lists so **you are very welcomed to help the project!**
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