Commit ba1d74af authored by Matt Todd's avatar Matt Todd

Doc, clean up instrumentation code

parent b9709686
......@@ -61,6 +61,10 @@ module HTML
# Public: Returns an Array of Filter objects for this Pipeline.
attr_reader :filters
# Public: Instrumentation service for the pipeline.
# Set an ActiveSupport::Notifications compatible object to enable.
attr_accessor :instrumentation_service
def initialize(filters, default_context = {}, result_class = nil)
raise ArgumentError, "default_context cannot be nil" if default_context.nil?
@filters = filters.flatten.freeze
......@@ -86,20 +90,32 @@ module HTML
result ||=
result[:output] =
@filters.inject(html) do |doc, filter|
instrument "call_filter.html_pipeline", :filter => do, context, result)
perform_filter(filter, doc, context, result)
def instrument(event, payload = nil, &block)
# Internal: Applies a specific filter to the supplied doc.
# The filter is instrumented.
# Returns the result of the filter.
def perform_filter(filter, doc, context, result)
instrument "call_filter.html_pipeline", :filter => do, context, result)
# Internal: if the `instrumentation_service` object is set, instruments the
# block, otherwise the block is ran without instrumentation.
# Returns the result of the provided block.
def instrument(event, payload = nil)
return yield unless instrumentation_service
instrumentation_service.instrument event, payload do
attr_accessor :instrumentation_service
# Like call but guarantee the value returned is a DocumentFragment.
# Pipelines may return a DocumentFragment or a String. Callers that need a
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