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Add some notes about branches and installation

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......@@ -9,6 +9,15 @@ It currently does not have any user-interface (but will have soon see Trim/getca
We aren't expert in those languages : the code can probably be improved (suggestions and help are welcome!) and the ical RFC isn't completed (but feature demands and bug reports are welcome).
You can either :
* clone the upstream branch from [github]( or from git://
* download zip created for each tags/revisions
* download and install [.deb packages](
* create and install .deb package by cloning master and upstream branch and runing "gbp buildpackage"
How can I use it ?
......@@ -45,6 +54,11 @@ Sources
* Some code inspired or copied from [cpan](
* The [iCal RFC]( implementation is quite incomplete in this script, but it covers the most common options
Developer notes
The qtmoko-ics work is done through the 'upstream' branch because the 'master' branch is kept to create .deb packages easily.
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