Commit 9a73ddc3 authored by Adrien Dorsaz's avatar Adrien Dorsaz

Use Tie::iCal as proposed by his synopsis.

parent de16e3fa
......@@ -208,10 +208,10 @@ main:
# Read the iCal file
debug ("Read the iCal file $icsFile");
open FILE, "<$icsFile" or die "Failed to tie file $icsFile !\n";
my @lines = <FILE> ;
#open FILE, "<$icsFile" or die "Failed to tie file $icsFile !\n";
#my @lines = <FILE> ;
# Remove end of lines
chomp @lines;
#chomp @lines;
# Check that the notesdirectory parameter is a real directory
if ($notesDirectory ne '') {
......@@ -222,11 +222,13 @@ main:
debug ("Initialize the Tie::iCal structure");
my $ical = {};
bless $ical, "Tie::iCal";
$ical->{A} = \@lines;
#my $ical = {};
#bless $ical, "Tie::iCal";
#$ical->{A} = \@lines;
# Put Tie::iCal in debug mode if verbose mode is set
$ical->{debug} = $verbose;
#$ical->{debug} = $verbose;
my %allevents;
tie %allevents, 'Tie::iCal', "$icsFile", 'debug'=>0 or die "Failed to tie file!\n";
# Connect to the Qtopia database
debug ("Connect to database $destDb");
......@@ -252,16 +254,12 @@ main:
my $time = time;
# Loop through ical Events
my $indexInFile = 0;
for my $line (@lines) {
if (substr($line, 0, 3) eq 'UID') {
if ($ical->unfold($indexInFile) =~ /^UID.*:(.*)$/) {
my $uid = $1;
while(my($uid, $event) = each(%allevents)){
debug ("uid found : $uid - Reading the ical event");
# Tie::iCal has structure :
# $events{'a_unique_uid'} = ['VEVENT', {'NAME1' => 'VALUE1'}]
# where VEVENT is the type of the iCal compenent (see rfc RFC 2445)
my @component = @{$ical->toHash($indexInFile)};
my @component = @{$allevents{$uid}};
debug ("Prepare the $component[0] ical object recid=$recid");
if(@component[0] eq 'VEVENT'){
my %event = %{$component[1]};
......@@ -518,11 +516,8 @@ main:
$time = time;
}#end if condition which check that component is a VEVENT
}#end if condition which find UID number while unfolding
}#end if condition which find UID string
}#end for loop reading lines
}#end while loop to read all events
# Commit and close Qtopia database
# Workaround to avoid warnings from $dbh->disconnect()
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