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......@@ -16,19 +16,19 @@ It can run on a standard computer, or on the phone itself.
In current version, it downloads one ore several .ics files through HTTP(S), and stores their content into the SQLite database (/home/root/Applications/Qtopia/qtopia_db.sqlite , __replacing__ and removing existing appointments).
It also creates the Note files for each appointment description, in the directory where they are expected by QtMoko : /home/root/Applications/Annotator/
*** Usage on QtMoko (tested on v52):
### Usage on QtMoko (tested on v52):
- Copy all the files in a directory of your phone (you can use git clone if you've install git or [download zip file](
- Install the necessary Perl packages by running on the phone
- Run the script [-u user] [-p password] [-s serverurl] fileurl1 fileurl2 ...
The optional user/password is given to the HTTP server if it needs authentication
**** Examples
#### Examples
- (will parse all local files with extension .ics)
- -u 'myuser' -p 'mypassword' -s https://myserver/mypath/ myfile1 myfile2 myfile3
- -u 'myuser' -p 'mypassword' -s https://myserver/ mypath1/myfile1 mypath1/myfile2 anotherpath/myfile3
*** Usage on Desktop
### Usage on Desktop
Usage on a standard computer (tested on Ubuntu 10.04) : same steps, except that you need to use instead and connect your phone with IP
How does it work ?
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