Commit ce4816a7 authored by Adrien Dorsaz's avatar Adrien Dorsaz not needed any more (removed to improve execution time on OpenMoko)

parent 78b48dd5
# Interpret command line options
while getopts v option
do case "$option" in
v) verbose="-v";;
[?]) print >&2 "Usage: $0 [-v] file sqlite_file\n(files with absolute paths)"
exit 1;;
shift `expr $OPTIND - 1`
if [ -n $icsfile ] || [ -n $caldb ]; then
echo "Creating temporary copy of $icsfile with valid lines into db $caldb"
# Create a copy and remove X-MOZ-LASTACK lines that are not understood by Tie::iCal
grep -v X-MOZ-LASTACK "${icsfile}" >"${icsfile}.tmp"
# Normalize line endings to unix format (line feed only) (not needed ?)
#sed -e 's/\r$//g' "${icsfile}.tmp" >"${icsfile}-2.tmp"
cp ${icsfile}.tmp ${icsfile}-2.tmp;
echo "Processing file $icsfile"
perl -- "$verbose" --ical "${icsfile}-2.tmp" --qtopiadb "$caldb" --notesdirectory "./Annotator-tmp"
echo "Deleting temporary files"
rm ${icsfile}.tmp
rm ${icsfile}-2.tmp
echo "ERROR : unable to treat empty files ! Command was (without options) : \n"
echo "$0 $*"
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