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# gtk-recent.vim - a gnome logger for Vim
Author : la Fleur <>
## Behaviour
If you modify a file with vim and want to upload it on a web interface, you wish you could find this file in Firefox's "recent files" category. Well now you can : with this plugin, each opened file will be added to gnome's recent list (and to zeitgeist as a consequence).
## Installation
drop this file in a vim plugin folder ($HOME/.vim/plugin,/usr/share/vim/vim72/plugin, ...). Vim should be compiled with python enabled.
You will need to have python-gobject installed, and vim or neovim with python support.
## Behaviour
## History
Each opened file will be added to gnome's recent list and zeitgeist.
Derived from :
Improved to use python 3, and to use (GtkRecentManager)[].
## License
This script is licensed under the GPLv3 license.
## History
Derived from :
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